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Pearson Partners - Luxury Redefined
What does "Luxury Redefined" mean for you... our clients!

Over the past twenty plus years of specializing in Marin and Bay Area properties, we have listened and learned from you that the word luxury needs to be redefined. Luxury doesn't have to be staid or stuffy and has many faces. We know, through you, our clients, that your needs, your desires and your vision of luxury - is based on your very own personal, inspired lifestyle and all that "home" offers for you. 
That's "Luxury Redefined."  Our goal is to help you find YOUR "Luxury".
Whether you are an existing client, referred to us by one of our clients, an international newcomer to the area, or simply a new luxury home buyer or seller finding yourself here on our website... we are here to make this easy, fun and fulfilling.
We begin with an exploration of what is your personal "luxury redefined". Then we produce the best research, tools, services and guides for you to find your perfect match - whether you are buying or selling a luxury home here in Marin.
If you are on this page, you are one of my favorite clients, or you have been referred by one of them.
So... have a browse ... around our website... bookmark it for future use... and be sure to let us know you're around!